Wind Power

Wind Power has begun to attract more interest in the generation of electricity in Australia in the past years. For a fact, there was about 5,114 megawatts capacity of installed wind power in Australia as at July of 2018. Also in 2017, wind power made up about 5.7% of the total electricity generated in the country and by the end of the year, there were a total of 85 wind farms installed within the border of the nation. Most of these farms had turbines ranging from 1.5 to 3 megawatts. With these statistics, it is obvious that Australia has amazing wind resources by the standards of the world.

In terms of cost, it might be quite difficult to compare wind power to other sources of energy, especially because of the cost associated with the developments of wind power. The larger percentage of the cost is usually the upfront capital cost while the recurrent costs are usually very low, with every additional unit costing minimal investment in terms of cost.

Wind generation

In 2017 alone, 33.8 per cent renewable energy produced was wind generated and 5.7% of the total electricity produced in Australia. That is a massive jump and we will continue to see it grow. .


of total clean energy generated in 2017


of total electricity generated in 2017

The growth of wind energy

When compared to coal development and the conventional gas, these two have huge capital costs as well as high operating costs. By comparison to other energy sources, the cost profile might be complex to determine. However, in spite of the difficulties associated with cost comparison among the various energy sources, available data explicitly show that wind energy is one of the most cost effective sources of renewable energy. When the associated cost relating to pollution is considered, wind power will top the list of the most cost effective cost of power generation by a long pole. With 9 new project commissioned in 2018 and 27 under construction or due to start soon – Wind energy will continue to gain traction over non renewable energy.





Cumulative installed capacity in Australia

  •  Capacity (MW)


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